What is the Meaning of Life?

Humans are the most intelligent beings on earth. No other living creature on earth comes close to humans on logical thinking, communications, or inventions. 

After birth, a human gets an education, gets a job, marries, takes kids, gets old, and dies. Some humans get famous or infamous for their achievements during this life cycle, and they are remembered for generations. Apart from this, a human life cycle is no different than other animals. 

Humans can be divided into two belief groups, religious and non-religious. Religious people explain everything through the scriptures, while non-religious people explain everything from their material experiences. 

However, no one, even the religious scriptures can’t explain the meaning and purpose of life entirely and satisfactorily. Having a simple goal in our life doesn’t explain the greater meaning of human creation and the universe.

Human Origin and Destination:

Just think for a moment; we came from a void and will vanish in that void forever. This memory in our brain will cease to exist. After 200 years, no one will know we existed. Even if few people remember, what benefit does it bring us once we are dead?

Religion gives a straightforward answer to our question of where we come from and where we are going. However, even religion fails to answer the greater meaning of the universe. Religion and other beliefs are nothing but a tool. It’s why religious, social, racial, and monetary tension is prevalent.

Unsatisfactory Religious Explanation:

There are numerous religions with a wide variety of beliefs regarding God. However, asking a tricky question is prohibited in every religion.

According to religion, God is almighty, all-knowing, creator of the heavens and earth; sees and hears everything. God does not need anyone, but everyone needs God. So, if God doesn’t need anyone, why create angels and humans?

If human lives’ primary purpose is to praise and worship God and obey his every command unquestionably, does it implies God craves something from its creation? 

If God has nothing to lose, why create Paradise and Hell to reward and punish people? Yes, God can reward someone for eternity, but what benefits does God get by punishing someone for eternity in Hell? 

If a tree can grow, die, and vanish, why is it not an option for humans?

According to religion, once there was nothing. Later, God created everything. God decided to send humans to earth, so why inflict pain upon them? What benefits does God get from humans’ suffering? 

Some people answer that God wants good for us and wants to reward us with paradise. And by inflicting pain, he removes our sin. 

This answer is somewhat absurd.

God doesn’t benefit from humans, then why create humans? What is God trying to achieve with these human sufferings? Take, for example, an autistic child. Not only the child but also the family suffers. What benefit can a human gain from cancer which makes them bankrupt? 

Humans don’t remember the time before birth. We didn’t exist before. So why not simply delete Paradise and Hell. Why is it always a binary decision- Paradise or Hell? Why there’s no other choice? Why not grant them if a human wants to vanish from existence without a hereafter? 

If God created humans to experiment, humans are nothing but a pawn to God; we have no choice and nothing to gain. 

If human existence’s sole purpose is to worship God, then this mortal life is worthless in reality. This earth is nothing but a giant prison where God conducts his social and physical experiments. 

No One Cares About Us:

Don’t assume that humans inherently care about other people. In some sense, yes, but in a broader sense, No.

People get punished for wrong ideology, religion, or mistakes. An unpopular view will cost someone a job, family, or sometimes life. Even though our constitution gives us the right of freedom of speech, it doesn’t prevent others from canceling us for that freedom.

The government will not help you pay off the student loan; no one will feed you unless you work, insurance companies will drag you too far for their payment, no one will give you a good job unless they get something in return.

Even the parents breed kids for their benefit. Kids are a source of pleasure for parents. In some societies, children are nothing but a pension fund. Parents expect their children to provide for them in old age in that society. There are also parents whose prestige and shame lie on children’s success or failure.

God also wants that we should obey him unquestionably. He will send us to Hell if we deviate from his divine command.

Purpose of Life:

Everyone wants something. Some want to get famous; some want money; some want power. And some people want to get paradise. Whatever the purpose, each one of these is equally shallow.

If we are a creation of mere coincidence, then the meaning of life is equally depressing. Once everything was void; and when humans die, the conscience will cease to exist in the void for eternity. Conscience is nothing but a memory. If humans don’t remember something, it feels like it never existed. 

Strive for happiness:

The key to becoming happy in life is doing what you want to do. If pleasing God makes you happy, do it. If becoming famous, earning money, or becoming a politician makes you happy, strive for it. 

However, don’t allow anyone to dictate your life goal. It’s not your responsibility to please others. You didn’t come to this earth to fulfill other people’s wishes. Please don’t take it negatively, but shame on them if your parents failed to reach their life goal and are now forcing you to become a doctor or engineer. 

If you help others and it brings you mental pleasure, do it. If becoming religious gives you mental satisfaction, become religious. The point is, do whatever pleases you and do whatever makes you happy and gives your life a purpose. It’s because, without a purpose and goal in life, depression will plague a human.